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The New “Light” Camera Changes Photography

L16Light, a company out of Silicon Valley, has spent two years designing their new camera, the L16. This camera was designed to provide the functionality of expensive and bulky DSLR cameras with the convenience of a smartphone. You will notice from the picture that the L16 looks different than traditional cameras. Rather than one camera with one lens, this camera has 16 individual cameras and lenses. With multiple cameras functioning at a time (10 cameras shoot on any given picture), your resulting picture has a nearly infinite focal length and excellent exposure. This means everything from the foreground to the background is in focus and the highlights and shadows are not too dark or too light.  This is similar to High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography, but it merges many more shots together than a typical smartphone, takes all the pictures at once unlike a DSLR, and uses several different lenses with fixed focal lengths (5 at 35mm, 70mm, and six at 150mm). For those interested in accentuating a certain aspect of the photo, like a building in the foreground, the L16 has built-in post image processing that allows you to manipulate the focal length, or “blur” the background, after taking the picture. The camera takes up to 52 megapixel pictures and 4K video.

This camera has great potential application for AEC related projects. An amateur photographer can take professional quality photographs without having a technical understanding of photography or the expensive, bulky equipment.


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