The Intersection of Laser Scanning and BIM

  1. Beck Technology is a double GSA IDIQ award winner landing $60 million for BIM and laser scanning.
  2. Their mission is to revolutionize the AEC industry.
  3. They have a software product that enables integrated project delivery – IPD.

I noticed that Beck Technology, Ltd., based in Dallas, TX was a double GSA IDIQ award winner. They were awarded a $30 million laser scanning contract, and a $30 million BIM contract over the next 5 years. Founded in 1924 as a general contractor the Beck Group is the parent company of Beck Technology. Their mission is simple – “to revolutionize the AEC industry by fundamentally re-thinking the delivery process, resulting in order-of-magnitude improvements in value”. Amen.

They intend to accomplish this, “by integrating design, engineering, construction and development services into one organization”. They believe they are “uniquely qualified to eliminate the multitude of wasteful practices created when each discipline separately optimizes for their own bottom line. As the auto manufacturing industry learned in the 1970’s, followed by the aircraft manufacturing industry in the 1980’s, the value gained by integrating across disciplines dwarfs any incremental gains achieved through process improvement within a discipline”. It looks like the GSA agrees.

They describe their DProfiler software as a first of its kind macro BIM application. More on this in the next post.

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