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The History of CAD Plus NASTO

nastoHave you ever wondered how the CAD industry began? Well this website provides an amazingly detailed account of the history of CAD dating back to the 1960’s. It is called CADAZZ and they claim it is “the best CAD software history on the web.”

I started in the early 1980’s and from what I have read and can remember it has all of the major developments. It does not get down into the smaller companies, like Softdesk that had a major impact on the PC CAD world, but it is worth a look.

On a completely different subject I just became aware of yet another transportation organization that you may want to put on your radar if that is one of your markets. NASTO is the Northeast Association of State Transportation Officials. They just completed their annual meeting attracting an impressive group of senior management from the states and the feds.



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