The Future of Mining

Mine Planning Page Banner Flat Inset 1000x250Looks like the future of mining is now…

How valuable would it be for mining companies to organize, analyze, and present all of their data in one all encompassing system?

Trimble’s connected mine software provides a platform to store data on just about everything that contributes to the business of mining. From massive remote sensing data sets to blast data to geochemistry to extraction and processing equipment, the software bills it self as a one stop shop.

I can see this being used by consultants and mining companies to make high level decisions on capital expenditures, all the way down to the day to day decisions on the “nuts and bolts” of the operation.

One of the biggest challenges in our industry is displaying survey data and results in a clear and meaningful way that is easy for end-users to understand. This software could be the answer that the mining industry has been looking for.

The kicker for me is the 3D-Virtual Reality-Boardroom Table-Quarry Map… How cool is that!?

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