The F5 Hand Held Laser Scanner

Imagine the Mantis Visions F5 technology being as common as the tape measure. Hard to believe? Well Michael Raphael from Direct Dimensions thinks it is possible. He sees a day when,

“LiDAR scanners are to total stations, as the F5 scanner is to tape measures!”

That would be democratization. I hope he makes it happen.

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3 Responses to The F5 Hand Held Laser Scanner

  1. Bill Gutelius says:

    very cool. It could be a lot of fun, not to mention very useful for myriad applications.

  2. Lee Hixson says:

    Attempting to learn more about the F5 I tried each of the links below the video but couldn’t find anything on either link. Anyone got a link that works?

  3. Hi Lee and others interested in the F5 – sorry for the lack of info on the net so far. Its a new product and we’re working hard to generate such content. In the meantime, feel free to email me directly at and I will do all I can to get you more information. Thanks again!

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