The BIM Kiosk and Laser Scanning

This is not exactly a laser scanning specific post, but I certainly think that the product concept has the possibility of being applied to point cloud data. Modulus Consulting a San Francisco, CA – based firm specializing in, you guessed it, BIM – building information modeling is offering the BIM Kiosk that allows on the job construction personnel access to a large 40″+ monitor.

Now imagine a live feed from a laser scanner that allows comparison of the 3D design model with the as-found point cloud and highlights potential conflicts. One can always dream…

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4 Responses to The BIM Kiosk and Laser Scanning

  1. Noam Meir says:

    Why imageine, we in DPT developed technology that can enables this at a reasonable cost including the 3D data acquisition.
    If it is interesting any of you please send me a massage and I will get back to you soon.

  2. Bill Emison says:

    Comes with Lojack!! SWEET!!

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