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The Benefits of 3D Elevation

Lidar-Graphic1A white paper from the USGS entitled, “3D Elevation – We’ve Got You Covered in all 50 States” plus Puerto Rico provides a number of interesting examples of the benefits of investing in lidar data acquisition on a national scale. This is part of the justification of the 3DEP program.

From the paper, “One of the most promising realms of this new technological integration is the advance of 3- dimensional elevation data. A 21st century update to traditional topographic mapping, 3D elevation data relies on high-tech tools like lidar and IfSAR to produce extremely detailed maps of everything from geologic features to buildings.”

The paper explains, “For instance, in Iowa’s corn country, it’s no surprise that 3DEP’s primary benefit is in agriculture and precision farming. By having detailed measurements of elevation, farmers can determine crop rows, crop spacing, fertilizer applications, and irrigation with the utmost accuracy. That makes the entire operation more efficient, yielding more bushels of corn per dollar spent. A national assessment to document business uses indicates that 3DEP could result in at least $18.8 million in new benefits annually to the Hawkeye State. Nationwide, the value to America’s farmers of public domain lidar for all agriculture and precision farming is potentially worth up to $2 billion annually.

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