Testing the Accuracy of Mobile LiDAR in Ontario

It’s valuable to get an “outside the industry” perspective of laser scanning technology, and even better when it’s an international point of view. In this Daily Commercial News article Ian Harvey generally reports on evaluation of mobile laser scanning by Ron Berg, deputy chief surveyor at the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) in the geomatics office.

There’s a reference to Optech, but they spelled the name Optex. Sounds like they are interested, but cautious. Could be an opportunity.

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2 Responses to Testing the Accuracy of Mobile LiDAR in Ontario

  1. Dr. Kamal sami says:

    Yes I can confirm that the 2 cm accuracy is achievable with mobile Lidar system, depending on how you processed and handled the IMS and GNSS data. In Al Ain Municipality of UAE we are using the Optech Lynx mobile mapping system for point cloud visuallation and checking of as-built drawings as well as for vector base mapping, mainly the GNSS position determination is based on a densified network of CORS stations.

  2. Ted Knaak says:

    Kam, that’s interesting. Was the project performed without ground control? If yes, do you have metrics establishing lineage to that control in order to confirm 2cm accuracy? If no ground control was used how did you confirm the 2cm accuracy?

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