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terrain360Thanks to Michael Raphael for the heads up on this very interesting use of outdoor imagery. It’s not lidar, at least not yet, but it is a very cool use of panoramic photography. is your interactive trail companion providing 360 degree panoramic tours of some of the most beautiful terrain in and around Virginia. After an incredible day of hiking and kayaking down one of Virginia’s finest waterways, the founding partners of beached themselves on an island and began brainstorming over what would soon become the most innovative trail mapping software to date. Motivated by the desire to share a love for nature’s most remarkable terrain, Terrain360 continues to push the boundaries of technical capabilities and usability in an effort to better enhance your next outdoor adventure.

Discover trails for hiking, biking, running, horseback riding, water features for kayaking and rafting, competitive race terrain and much more. Connect and share stories with other adventure seekers in the Terrain360 Forum or preview trail and weather conditions to help plan your next trip. is absolutely free to use and available on all mobile and tablet devices for convenient access on-the-go! Make a new adventure. Explore a new trail. Discover a new perspective with Terrain360.

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