Tennessee LiDAR Business Plan Meeting

This is a novel approach – The Tennessee Geographic Information Council and the State, Office for Information Resources, GIS Services (OIR- GIS) invite you to take part in the state’s development of a business plan for statewide enhanced elevation data. The meeting is scheduled to take place tomorrow August 31 at 9 AM EDT.

The first step to accomplish the mission on this project is to create a business plan that identifies the business requirements, costs, and benefits of creating a LiDAR derived elevation GIS dataset.

This is one of 5 regional meetings being held throughout Tennessee. For those not able to attend in person, the Map This! blog will be making it available at their website. Kudos to all involved for taking this kind of approach.

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  1. Rance Frye says:

    I would like to be on the mailout list for these conferences and other pertinent information. When will the 5th meeting be held?

  2. Anyone who has been around the GIS market long enough has certainly invested a reasonable period on ESRI’s assistance boards, either asking concerns, publishing solutions, or reseaching problems.

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