Autonomous Highway for Vancouver and Seattle

2014-03-04_geneva_motor_show_1187There is talk of an autonomous vehicle highway connecting Vancouver and Seattle.  The proposal is coming from tech entrepreneurs including Tom Alberg, a board member of Amazon and Craig Mundie, a former Microsoft exec.

This project would begin with driverless cars sharing the road, then a dedicated lane for their use and eventually road hours dedicated solely to autonomous vehicles.

CBC News reports that Microsoft founder Bill Gates will be discussing this idea and others at the Emerging Cascadia Innovation Corridor Conference today.

Increasing movement towards ideas such as this elicit much inspiration, consideration, questions and concerns.  What do this and other autonomous vehicle projects mean for the future of our country, landscape and communities?  There are no simple answers and it will be quite something to continue to watch and report as these ideas and projects move into the future with lidar at the forefront of the driverless car conversation.

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