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Waymo Patent Claims Rejected by USPTO

Over the past 12 months the Waymo vs. Uber lawsuit has resulted in an agreement by Uber to re-design its lidar so as not to infringe on the key “936 Waymo patent,” as well as a payment of $245 million … Continue reading

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Automated Inventory Using Smart Drones

Maintaining an accurate warehouse inventory can be a very tedious process. Attempts to automate the workflow face a number of challenges such as fast turn around and lack of survey control. It looks like Exyn Technologies which emerged from the … Continue reading

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Searching for the Right Lidar Sensor

It’s difficult to separate the hype from the innovation when it comes to automotive lidar, but that doesn’t mean we are not going to try to separate the two. Meanwhile Velodyne is taking the position that the problem in last … Continue reading

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MADD and Velodyne Partner

In what is certain to be a strong argument in support of autonomous driving Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and Velodyne have teamed up to launch an education campaign explaining the benefits of fully autonomous vehicles. It’s hard to believe … Continue reading

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Ford’s Strategic Investments

Ford has announced its intention to produce a fully autonomous, or “SAE level 4-capable” (operable without a wheel of pedals), vehicle for commercial operations by 2021 as part of a ride-hailing or ride-sharing service. “The next decade will be defined … Continue reading

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India’s First Driverless Shuttle

Given the recent concerns about autonomous vehicle safety this announcement might cause a few people to question the safety of a driverless shuttle, but the speed of these vehicles is slow compared to highway speeds. Here’s the proposal: “Novus Drive … Continue reading

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Indoor Localization Competition

This report appeared in Robotics Tomorrow. The Microsoft Indoor Localization Competition is a well-known annual benchmark for assessing many approaches to indoor localization. The purpose of the competition was to bring together real-time indoor location technologies and compare their performance … Continue reading

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Detecting Overhead Obstacles

Velodyne LiDAR announced that it has collaborated with LSA Autonomy, which today unveiled the Overhead Wire Laser-Detector – the OWL – a 3D LiDAR sensor-based technology and software system that marks a quantum leap forward in the detection of overhead … Continue reading

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Autonomous Vehicle Demo

For an interesting, inside look at the work that AutonomouStuff is doing with driverless vehicles have a look at the following video.

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White Paper on Lidar and the Future of Autonomous Navigation

Frost and Sullivan has created a 31-page white paper entitled, “LiDAR: Driving the Future of Autonomous Navigation – Analysis of LiDAR Technology for Advanced Safety.” It recaps the technology’s history, assesses its current status and forecasts its short-term prospects. The … Continue reading

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