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Autonomy – What Does it Really Mean?

Last week we reported on comments by Elon Musk characterizing lidar as a “fool’s errand.” Since then researchers at Cornell reported that cameras may be all that are needed for autonomous driving and at the same time concern was raised … Continue reading

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Baidu Invests in Velodyne

This is potentially very BIG news for both Baidu, a mega Chinese consumer Internet company and Velodyne Lidar. Autonomous vehicles have a much greater potential in a highly controlled state government. It’s learned that Baidu has reached investment intent with … Continue reading

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Fully Autonomous Vehicle Deployed

Velodyne LiDAR today announced that, in the first deployment of fully autonomous production vehicles, driverless technology specialist NAVYA will implement Velodyne’s real-time 16-channel 3D VLP-16 LiDAR Pucks as part of a two-year, two-vehicle test with Swiss public transport company PostBus … Continue reading

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