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Fine Art Reproduction Using 3D Mapping

Arius Technology, based in Vancouver, BC is teaming with British museum powerhouse, Tate, UK on a five-year fine art partnership to 3D scan and reproduce artworks by world-famous artists and British masters. Every so often a company really nails their … Continue reading

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Technology Manifesto for the Built Environment – Part 2

Good friend, John Russo, the founder of Architectural Resource Consultants and USIBD commented on Part 1 of the Technology Manifesto noting that the Built Environment is different from the music or automotive industry in that each project is essentially one … Continue reading

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UK’s Environment Agency Makes Lidar Available

The UK’s Environment Agency has been collecting lidar data to help with flood modelling and to monitor coastal erosion. They have recently announced that 175,000 square kilometres of land has been made available to the public. The ‘point cloud’ data … Continue reading

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Lidar Finds Ancient Roads in UK

Airborne lidar was used to create flood maps of Britain, but they are revealing more than just at-risk regions – they have also led to the discovery of several ancient Roman roads. Amateur archaeologists have been able to use the … Continue reading

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