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Kitty Hawk Wishes to Re-define Mobility with the Flying Car

Kitty Hawk has a simple corporate vision – to free people from traffic by using a flying car to re-define the term mobility. In case you might be thinking that this Silicon Valley start-up can’t be serious, then you should … Continue reading

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Roboats Build 3D Maps of Amsterdam’s Canals in Real time

MIT researchers are working with the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS) to develop on-demand roboats for the city. With a name like “Ro(e)boat how could you go wrong? From an article in designboom. MIT and AMS are working … Continue reading

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UAS in Transportation Expo

OSU graduate student and FAA Part 107 certified remote pilot, Chase Simpson, collects UAS lidar with a Velodyne Puck, xNAV direct georeferencing system, and S1000 airframe at an Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) construction site. Oregon State University is hosting … Continue reading

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