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Multisensor Data Collection Includes Sonar and Lidar

Bibby HydroMap, a UK-based company, has successfully completed an asset inspection survey of several bridges and the Weaver Sailing Club along the River Weaver in Cheshire (UK), an opportunity demonstrating its multisensor, marine 3D imaging capabilities in a highly dynamic … Continue reading

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DEM Users Manual 3rd Edition is Now Available

The 3rd edition of the DEM Users Manual includes 15 chapters, three appendices and a detailed Index. References in the eBook version are hyperlinked which is coming soon. Chapter and appendix titles include: 1. Introduction to DEMs 2. Vertical Datums … Continue reading

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Lidar, Radar and Sonar

Radar, sonar and lidar can determine an object’s distance, or range. For that measurement, time plays an important role. Continue reading

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Making the Invisible, Visible

This is without a doubt one of the most impressive demonstrations of the use of lidar to create a visual understanding of 3D that I have seen. Continue reading

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