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Training Data for AVs is Key to Success

High-quality data is the fuel that powers AI algorithms. Without a continual flow of labeled training data, bottlenecks can occur and the algorithm will slowly get worse and add risk to the system. From an article in Tech Crunch by … Continue reading

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Hack Partners Creates InfraHack with Bentley

Hack Partners with their Hacktrain platform, not to be confused with Hackatrain is a group of innovators that believe that through collaboration they can achieve anything. They have already achieved impressive results in the rail industry, now they are turning … Continue reading

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Open Source Laser Scanner

Looks like the wizards at LulzBot and BQ have teamed up to develop a fairly advanced open source laser scanner product offering for just $400. The Ciclop is fitted with a Logitech C270 HD camera and 2 class 1 line … Continue reading

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Open ROV

They are not scanning, but they are using laser light to measure distances. Continue reading

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Day 2 SPAR 2012

David Boardman the moderator for the Open Source 3D session wasted no time in telling us that he thought this would be the most important session of the conference – hmm. Continue reading

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