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Measuring Snow Depth in Colorado with Lidar

Research Associate Blake Osborn with the Colorado Water Center/CSU Extension Service explained the various methods used for measuring snow depth in Colorado and how they function at the annual Agriculture Conference at Ski-Hi in Monte Vista Feb. 4. From an … Continue reading

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ARE Maps Great Bay Estuary with UAS Lidar

Recently, ARE partnered with Quantum Spatial, Inc. to complete a drone-based lidar scan of four locations within Great Bay, New Hampshire (my home), to support ongoing monitoring programs at Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (NERR.) The scan was done … Continue reading

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NCAT – What is it and How Can it Be of Value?

The NGS Coordinate Conversion and Transformation tool, or NCAT not only provides technical assistance with the proper mathematics for making conversions and transformations, but it also provides information about a wealth of additional services that the NGS offers via the … Continue reading

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CORS and OPUS BETA Coordinates Now Available

Attention CORS and OPUS users. The NGS has announced the availability of BETA coordinates for CORS and OPUS websites. BETA Release Overview Updated Coordinates and Velocities BETA Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) coordinates and velocities are now available on the … Continue reading

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Sources of Free Lidar Data

This detailed article in Geospatial World by Anusuya Datta provides an extensive listing and description of a variety of free lidar data sources from around the world, as well as this informative introductory video. The USGS 3DEP program is the … Continue reading

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Digital Coast

NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management maintains an impressive website that hosts a wide variety of digital data sets. The Digital Coast is a data registry that has over 100 different types of data collections and over 1500 data sets. All … Continue reading

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