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Lidar for Country Roads

My son and I were driving on a road in the Sierra Nevada Mountains a few weeks ago where it was not straight for more than 500 feet. We turned constantly down a steep narrow road with no guard rail … Continue reading

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Tiny Lidar Sensor

As you can see in the image researchers at MIT and DARPA have developed a tiny solid state lidar sensor that is packed onto a single chip – incredible! This sensor is 1,000 times faster than a mechanical system and … Continue reading

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Stereo-Vision UAS

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos Now this is impressive. This “self-flying” drone is able to swiftly navigate obstacles while flying through the sky at 30 miles per hour in a new video released by the Massachusetts Institute of … Continue reading

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3D Imaging Through Walls

O.K. it’s not lidar, but those incredible scientists at the MIT Media Lab have been at it again. This time it’s a time-of-flight microwave camera that can see through solid objects, like walls – incredible! Here’s some of what makes … Continue reading

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4D Printing

Their new approach to additive manufacturing ensures not only that the material changes structure over time, but does so precisely Continue reading

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