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Precision Agriculture Informed with Drone Lidar

The RedTail LiDAR Systems’ RTL-400, designed specifically for use on small drones, is a cost-effective tool that provides high-resolution, accurately geolocated images needed to make informed business decisions. Precision agriculture is one area where it is well suited. As the … Continue reading

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SENSR is 3D Perception Software for all Lidar Sensors

SENSR is 3D perception software that wants to become the Windows of 3D Lidar sensors, enabling mass-adoption of automotive-grade LiDAR solutions. It will be interesting to see if the key players will buy into this. Seoul Robotics, a dynamic provider … Continue reading

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Drone’s and Autonomous Vehicles

I am finding it a challenge to keep up with the interesting autonomous news items this week, so rather than hitting “delete” I thought I would try something a little different – a quick synopsis so you can decide what … Continue reading

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Searching for the Right Lidar Sensor

It’s difficult to separate the hype from the innovation when it comes to automotive lidar, but that doesn’t mean we are not going to try to separate the two. Meanwhile Velodyne is taking the position that the problem in last … Continue reading

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