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GNSS and INS Primer

Focusing on mobile mapping applications over the past several months we have looked at what is available regarding the GNSS component. Now it is time to move along to the INS. There seems to be considerable confusion and misunderstanding about … Continue reading

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GNSS Options for UAS

Jeff Fagerman at Lidar USA has provided the second article on the issue of obtaining control for lidar mapping missions. In this one he describes the options for obtaining decimeter level control in the 10 to 50 cm range and … Continue reading

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Lidar News Today – January 13, 2016

This week’s Lidar News Today includes an important article¬†by Jeff Fagerman at Lidar USA on selecting the appropriate GNSS solution for your mobile mapping project. Jeff and his team are hands on experts in this area. We also highlight the … Continue reading

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Lidar Art Supports Charity

Our latest Lidar News Today has just been sent out. If you would like to receive your own copy please click here. This week’s edition features an article by Jeff Fagerman at Lidar USA on the value that GPS brings … Continue reading

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Snoopy Helps in Baltimore

This is the first time a LiDAR system has scanned riot damage, according to the Graham. Continue reading

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