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Indoor Mapping with Lidar to Support First Responders

Two projects are testing ways to use light detection and ranging (LiDAR) remote sensing for indoor mapping buildings to increase first responders’ safety and efficiency when they respond to emergencies. From an article in GCN by Stephanie Kanowitz Both efforts … Continue reading

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DARPA is Testing Military Drone Dragnet Program

When the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – DARPA tested an “Aerial Dragnet” system for tracking drones over urban terrain last month, Echodyne lent a helping hand. Echodyne — a Kirkland, Wash.-based startup backed by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates … Continue reading

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FAA Announces Registration Rules Changes

The FAA announced a small, but important change to the rules concerning the display of your registration number. This is from an article by Matt Fanelli Director of Strategy at Skyward. For more than three years, the FAA has required all … Continue reading

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