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Google Arts and Culture Program Preserves the Past

The Google Arts and Culture program is providing all of us with an incredible opportunity to experience places we might never see. From an article in i News by Rhiannon Williams. Technology, as an industry dedicated to the relentless reinvention … Continue reading

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WaveSense Uses GPR for Autonomous Vehicle Location

WaveSense uses ground penetrating radar – GPR to create a reference map of the subsurface conditions below the pavement of a highway. This can be accomplished because the return GPR signal creates a unique electromagnetic signature. From an article in … Continue reading

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Lidar Mapping Google Group Invitation

Simon Ritchie has recently created the  Lidar Mapping Google discussion group about the use of Lidar for geographical mapping. He would like to invite you to join. For those not familiar with Google groups, they are online discussion forums. The … Continue reading

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