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Tiny Lidar Sensor

As you can see in the image researchers at MIT and DARPA have developed a tiny solid state lidar sensor that is packed onto a single chip – incredible! This sensor is 1,000 times faster than a mechanical system and … Continue reading

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Using Lidar for Global Positioning

I tried to find out more about this idea, but so far no luck. It seems The US Navy (USN) is exploring the potential of performing non-GPS global positioning using Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) measurements of space objects with … Continue reading

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DARPA’s MOABB Could Be Game Changer

DARPA has announced the Modular Optical Aperture Building Blocks, or MOABB project which seeks to create ultra-compact light detection and ranging (LIDAR) systems. The agency has set a Proposer’s Day for Dec. 17 for potential participants in the program, which DARPA … Continue reading

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DARPA Demos New Single-Chip Lidar

In the latest test, the system was able to scan back and forth across that entire arc more than 100,000 times per second. Continue reading

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