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Super Cruise from GM Expands Hands-Free Territory

While the rest of the autonomous vehicle start-ups are making promises, General Motors is now delivering hands-free, Super Cruise on the Cadillac CT6. With the help of the stealth, mobile lidar mapping firm Ushr the coverage is now expanding to … Continue reading

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GeoIgnite 2019 Issues Call for Speakers

With fewer than 100 days before the inaugural event, GeoIgnite 2019 is adding major sponsors, speakers and exhibitors to the conference schedule every week. Be sure to include this important event in your summer calendar on June 18 and 19 … Continue reading

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Cover Letter is Key to Landing Your Dream Job

GoGeomatics Founder and geospatial career coach, Jon Murphy provides a valuable set of recommendations for writing an effective cover letter. Some of these ideas also apply to report cover letters. From Jon’s article in GoGeomatics. When applying for a geospatial … Continue reading

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GeoIgnite Conference Launched by GoGeomatics

GoGeomatics Founder, Jonathon Murphy took the plunge this week announcing GeoIgnite – an exciting new geospatial conference that will be held in Ottawa, Canada June 18 and 19 at the Ottawa Conference Center. The plans are still being finalized for … Continue reading

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Neptec Design Group Acquired

The big news coming from this year’s Farnborough Air Show in the photonics category was the acquisition of Neptec Design Group by MDA, a Canadian division of Maxar Technologies. Some might recall from a few years ago that we covered … Continue reading

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Modelling Forest Understory with Lidar

Evaluating habitat quality and understory composition across complex landscapes remains a challenge for forest and wildlife managers, but is essential for ensuring the stability of vulnerable species. In this  study a group Canadian researchers investigate whether forest stand structure, as … Continue reading

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