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Driverless Car Revolution is Running Late

The adoption rate for the driverless car is behind schedule. Engineering challenge of the decade Auto makers are becoming more cautious Greatest obstacle is fear of trusting a robot Vehicle insurance and laws would have to be overhauled In this … Continue reading

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Velodyne Targeting Auto Market with New Puck

Velodyne has been working with Ford for the past ten years on the use of lidar to support autonomous vehicle navigation. They just announced the ULTRA Puck™ VLP-32A, combining best-in-class performance with a small form factor and the high reliability … Continue reading

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Autonomous Vehicle News

For all of you golfers out there, since this is Masters Sunday and it looks like it could be quite a finish this news item seems appropriate. Velodyne LiDAR announced its collaboration with SMART, the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and … Continue reading

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Autonomous Vehicle Update

Autoliv has singled out “a couple” of lidar companies that are “more interesting than others,” Carlson said. “It’s too early to mention any names as we are in various levels of discussions with some of these guys.” The second <a … Continue reading

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3,500 Miles – Autonomously

Delphi sees autonomous features, like pedestrian detection or vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems, as a way to drastically cut the number of traffic deaths worldwide. Continue reading

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