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Blockchain Technology May Be the Holy Grail for Geospatial

General Motors has filed a patent application for a system that continuously updates a vehicle’s on-board maps and navigation guidance using blockchain technology. From an article in The Detroit Bureau by Joseph Szczesny. Thanks to good friend Joe Betit for … Continue reading

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Tesla Sticking with Radar

“Elon Musk says today’s Tesla cars can improve their self-driving ability with its existing radar system by generating the kind of point cloud you’d normally expect only from LIDAR. (LIDAR’s the laser sensing system used in the trademark, roof-mounted beacons in Google cars.) In messages on his Twitter feed, … Continue reading

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White Paper on Lidar and the Future of Autonomous Navigation

Frost and Sullivan has created a 31-page white paper entitled, “LiDAR: Driving the Future of Autonomous Navigation – Analysis of LiDAR Technology for Advanced Safety.” It recaps the technology’s history, assesses its current status and forecasts its short-term prospects. The … Continue reading

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