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Notre Dame Modeled in 3D For a Number of Applications

With the shock slowly beginning to subside additional owners of 3D models of Notre Dame Cathedral are beginning to come forward. This includes the video game creator, Ubisoft Games and Dassault Systems, who in 2014 released Paris 3D: an interactive … Continue reading

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33 Basic Tools for Getting Started in Revit

Dan Edleson has worked as a Designer, Project Manager and BIM Coordinator for over a decade and is a co-founder of Stereo. Dan says his “33 Basic Tools for Getting Started  in Revit” will make you dangerous. When I graduated … Continue reading

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ARE-AirShark is Focused on UAV Inspection

I just became aware of ARE-AirShark, a UAV inspection operation based in my home town of Hampton, NH that is offering an impressive suite of services. I hope to meet with them soon to get the full story. Here is … Continue reading

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Joe Wolf – “Spotlight on a Younger Geospatial Professional”

This interview with Joe Wolf  is the fifth Lidar News Younger Geospatial Spotlight Interview. Congratulations to Joe for what he has accomplished in a short time and please think about sharing your story with us. Please provide a recap of … Continue reading

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Topographic Survey Specification for Urban Projects

At 260 pages in length there is no question that a tremendous effort has gone into the development of this Topographic Survey Specification for Urban Projects (2009). It is truly an impressive document that deserves your review to see what … Continue reading

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