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Scan to BIM – How to Deal with Real World Imperfections

Thanks to Dan Edleson for this third guest blog post discussing the imperfections that need to be recognized in the real world of Scan to BIM. “If the world were perfect, it wouldn’t be.” – Yogi Berra The great thing … Continue reading

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NSPS Model Standards Recommend 95% Confidence Levels

I have been doing some research on the NSPS Model Standards which were adopted in 2002 before the widespread use of 3D laser scanners. I think there is a need for an update to address the needs of the lidar … Continue reading

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Specifications and Classification Standards – There is a Difference

I was nervous yesterday about my webinar presentation on 3D survey accuracy and positional uncertainty specifications and standards. It’s a complicated subject and I knew there would be a number of smarter and more experienced people than me in the … Continue reading

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The History of Precision

If you are in the measurement business, as most of us are, then you are going to want to carve out some time to read The Perfectionists – How Precision Engineers Created the Modern World, by Simon Winchester. It will … Continue reading

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