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Downtown Mobility Studied with Lidar Sensors

The City of Kelowna, British Colombia, Canada says it will embark on a pilot project next week that will study the flow of traffic and pedestrians in the downtown core. On Thursday, the city announced that it will soon be … Continue reading

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Apple Will Use Lidar to Create Competitive Advantage

Apple will use LiDAR this year as a compelling story for iPad Pro, and we expect, iPhone 12 later this year. LiDAR works similarly to the front-facing TrueDepth sensor, but rather than being optimized for the face, it allows users … Continue reading

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Prediction – The 2020’s Will be the Lidar Decade

I am putting my reputation on the line with this prediction – the 2020’s will be the Lidar Decade in that the consumer will become as familiar with the term and make use of it in daily conversation as they … Continue reading

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Digital License Plates for Drones Are Coming

Mariah Scott, the President of Skyward testified before Congress last September making the case for remote identification of drones which can be likened to digital license plates. From the Skyward website. There‚Äôs just one problem. Without a system for universal … Continue reading

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