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The Built Environment Technology Manifesto – Part 1

It’s quite a long title that has evolved over the years. I guess you could say I have been thinking about this general idea since the early 1980’s when CAD and GIS were just starting to go mainstream, thanks in … Continue reading

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3D Technology Firms – What if They Put it in Neutral?

So I am going back to a recurring question that I have whenever I spend time with end users of 3D technology, like myself. Should the industry take a year, or even two, off from working on the next great … Continue reading

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Younger Geospatial Professional of the Year Award for 2019

If you have been thinking about entering the Younger Geospatial Professional of the Year Award for 2019, but have not had the time to prepare your video, the deadline has been extended 1 week to March 22, 2019 and if … Continue reading

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Piping Layout Consultants Delivers 3D Paper Mill Project

Piping Layout Consultants -PLC details the benefits and best practices of using 3D laser scanning to retrofit a paper mill piping upgrade. The following is from an article in Building Design and Construction. For a recent U.S. paper mill project, … Continue reading

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Site Operations Engineer – University of Washington Opening

This Site Operations Engineer is a fantastic opportunity for an individual looking to be on the cutting edge of the latest 3D technology and applied research. The Site Operations Engineer will support the National Science Foundation (NSF) NHERI (Natural Hazards … Continue reading

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Join USIBD in Advancing 3D Building Documentation

Please join USIBD  – the U.S. Institute of Building Documentation today, so you can get involved with their important mission of standardizing and advancing the 3D building documentation industry. Join professionals from all areas of the Building Documentation industry, working … Continue reading

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Google Street View “Saved” Brazil’s Museu Nacional

Google Street View is helping Brazil’s National Museum reopen its doors “online” through a virtual exhibition, three months after a fire destroyed millions of priceless artifacts. (As reported by Alyssa Newcomb at NBC News.) No one really thinks this kind … Continue reading

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Rowing in 3D

On a light news weekend I wanted to mention that I got two days of rowing in which marks the earliest start in New Hampshire in my memory. Having rowed until December 26 this past season that means I have … Continue reading

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Budapest in 3D

This 3D mapping project and resulting geodatabase just may be the most impressive example of a state of the art asset management system anywhere in the world. More than 4700 km of road and street network comprising the City of … Continue reading

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Data vs. Information

Often we tend to be focused on the data, in fact the data collection, but the real value and return on investment comes when that data is turned into actionable information that can be easily used to support better decision … Continue reading

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