Surveying Engineering – 50 Years in the Profession

This is a once in a lifetime moment. Not only am I celebrating my 50th year in the surveying engineering profession, but I am going to be re-visiting Hawaii exactly 50 years from my first and only other time there. Don’t be too envious, it’s for work – most of the time.

Photo of Pearl Harbor Memorial Surveying Engineering and Pearl Harbor - 50 Years Later

Surveying Engineering and The USS Arizona Memorial – 50 Years Later

The two events are directly related as I was pushing a rod on a highway construction project the summer that I had a chance to visit my girlfriend in Honolulu. I had to ask my boss to get done two weeks early which I was nervous about, but Joe Fairclough was a great guy and he wanted me to go.

I’ll be arriving in Hawaii on Pearl Harbor Day (December 7, 1941)  to top things off. The day that lives in infamy. The USS Arizona Memorial is unfortunately closed due to needed repairs. See the video below, but I intend to get as close as I can.

My father was stationed in Honolulu sometime during World War II. Like most of his generation, he did not talk about his 6 years very much. He basically drove truck for the Army Topographic Engineers. Surveying runs in the family I guess.

I will be in Hawaii to do some training for an NCHRP project. If you want to know the back story of my visit which almost resulted in me having to cancel the trip 50 years ago, we will have to discuss that over a cold one sometime.

I will post some photos, hopefully of the big surf on the North Shore.

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