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Super Cruise from GM Expands Hands-Free Territory

While the rest of the autonomous vehicle start-ups are making promises, General Motors is now delivering hands-free, Super Cruise on the Cadillac CT6. With the help of the stealth, mobile lidar mapping firm Ushr the coverage is now expanding to 200k miles of divided highway. This is the same strategy that GM used with OnStar – baby steps, that come from listening to customers and using technology that is available today and that works – brilliant go-to-market strategy.

From an article in Automotive News by Michael Wayland.

Map of Super Cruise Coverage

Super Cruise Coverage

General Motors is making its Super Cruise hands-free driving system usable on 70,000 more miles of roadway in the U.S. and Canada as it prepares to expand availability of the technology.

Most of the additional miles will be in the U.S., but Canada’s availability will significantly increase from the roughly 8,000 miles offered today, according to a map GM released Wednesday.

GM offers the driver-assistance system exclusively on the Cadillac CT6 large sedan. Super Cruise is compatible with about 130,000 miles of divided highways that have been mapped using lidar. The system uses the mapping with high-precision GPS and onboard sensors and cameras to allow hands-free driving.

“Super Cruise is extremely popular with our customers and has earned all kinds of accolades from the press and the tech world. It’s going to get better each year and each generation, just like Cadillac itself and just like General Motors,” said GM President Mark Reuss when announcing the increased availability Wednesday at the UBS Global Industrials & Transportation Conference.

Reuss declined to discuss the cost associated with updating the mapping and increasing Super Cruise’s availability.

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