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Standard Cyborg Let’s You Create 3D Images with iPhone

image of ear with Standard Cyborg 3D Capture

Standard Cyborg 3D Capture

Capture is a software app from Standard Cyborg that let’s you capture 3D images with your iPhone.

From an article in Digital Trends.

What if, instead of having to shell out the best part of a years’ rent for a dedicated 3D scanner, you were able to squeeze similar functionality out of a device that you already carry around with you? That’s the idea behind Capture, a new iPhone app created by the Y Combinator-backed startup Standard Cyborg. Standard Cyborg’s technology leverages the sensors and cameras in Apple’s smartphones and uses them to let anyone take 3D images and move them into augmented reality (AR).

“There are different approaches to create a 3D model using photos or 3D cameras,” Standard Cyborg co-founder and CEO, Jeff Huber, told Digital Trends. “The 2D to 3D process is called photogrammetry, and on average requires about 30 minutes to generate a high-res scan. Other 3D cameras can be used, but they cost anywhere from $400 to $50,000. The iPhone isn’t free, but there are 99.9 million people that have access to this powerful technology that don’t yet realize it.”

Capture uses the front-facing TrueDepth camera and laser scanning system found on newer iPhones (iPhone X, XR, XS, and XS Max). It works by creating a “point cloud” that lets it gauge the depth of each part of whatever’s put in front of it, and utilize this information to create a 3D dimensional model. These models can then be saved and shared with others. Standard Cyborg’s 3D SDKs (software development kits) also allow developers to build similar 3D-scanning functionality into their own apps.

“Developers are surprising us every day with creative use cases,” Huber siad. “We’ve seen strong interest in creating 3D models for AR and VR, as well as powering custom-fitted products and properly sized products. For example, using our scanning and deep learning tools, it’s very easy to create a shoe sizing app. We are working with a number of companies now, and our tools will be broadly released in January.”

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