SPAR 2011 Recap

I thought I would do one more to on SPAR 2011 to recap. I would like to note the following:

  1. The conference set the attendance record exceeding 800 on opening day, so it certainly ended up higher than that.
  2. The exhibitor space was bigger than ever with some really large and expensive booths. I saw some competitors video taping the Faro booth – it was impressive.
  3. The presentation by Brian Mathews from Autodesk left a major impression on how the computing landscape is going to change in the next few years. It’s all about the cloud and 3D.
  4. There were announcements by 3 different groups that they are forming a professional trade organization – John Russo has the Building Documentation group; Ken Smerz is forming the 3D Professional Association; and Ray Mandli the Geospatial Transportation Mapping Association. This to me is an important indicator of how far this industry has come.
  5. On the technology front there wasn’t a “must see” product, but Faro is still the big news with their disruption of the scanner market. Autodesk did announce that Revit would be supporting point clouds in the next version.
  6. Finally this was the birth of the ASTM E57 data exchange standard. I certainly think this will be an important topic throughout the year.

Bonus Info – I did notice some business development (read merger and acquisition) people roaming around that are not usually at SPAR. That could lead to something…

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