SPAR 2011 Day 3

The final day at SPAR was all about standards and organizations. Our ASTM E57.04 subcommittee made a detailed presentation on the new data exchange format. This was followed by a very encouraging panel discussion in which many of the leading vendors and people in the audience expressed their strong support for the E57 format. I think by the end of the year this will be a reality.

On the organizational front Ken Smerz explained his vision for the new 3D Professional Association – a new non-profit 3D trade group and John Russo led a detailed discussion on his proposal to establish an organization for building surveyors.

There were also sessions on indoor mobile mapping and how as a profession we can engage youth in our industry. Mike Olsen from Oregon State University and Craig Glennie from the University of Houston made presentations on their programs.

I had a number of very encouraging and supportive meetings with LiDAR News readers, but none more so than my short conversation with Arik Degani from Israel who commented that he felt like we kept him informed and that he felt like he was part of the greater laser scanning community. Burton Christensen from Sunrise Engineering in Draper, Utah said he felt like I was an old friend. Thanks to all for your kind words and ongoing support.

It was an amazing event and it looks next year’s SPAR will return to the Woodlands in April.

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