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SPAR 2010 – Success is Measured

  1. Spar 2010 is going to be held in the The Woodlands (Houston), TX February 8 – 10, 2010.
  2. Last year’s highly successful “bootcamps” will be expanded this year.
  3. With the early signs of recovery starting to appear, the timing of this event could not be better for kicking off a successful 2010.

I received the SPAR 2010 Conference brochure in the mail last week, and as always it looks like the don’t miss 3D laser scanning event of the year. This will be the 7th annual, which in itself lends to the importance of this meeting. After a one year visit to Denver, SPAR will return to The Woodlands (Houston), Texas on February 8 – 10, 2010.

The conference actually opens on Sunday February 7 for those who want to attend a series of training “bootcamps”. This year’s agenda includes breakouts for civil/infrastructure, industrial plants and mobile. This event was an instant success last year, with standing room only attendance. The presentations are provided by industry vets who provide a lot of real world knowledge in a short time period.

The keynotes this year feature a presentation by the Albuquerque, NM Police Department on a major crime investigation, and Dr. Allan Carswell, Chairman of Optech, Inc.  speaking about their work in supporting missions in outer space.  This will be a unique opportunity to hear a true pioneer share his wealth of experience and knowledge.

The 2 days that follow will feature a multiple track program which includes industrial plant, mobile, forensics, BIM, historical preservation, civil/infrastructure and more. There will also be a NIST/BIM workshop that sounds very interesting. And I want to be sure to note there will be a session on standards, where I am hopeful there will be an important announcement about data interoperability.

Perhaps of equal importance to attendees is the exhibit hall. The leading vendors from around the world typically reserve their new product roll outs for SPAR. There is always at least one or two new companies that are introducing exciting new products to the public. This is the opportunity to see all the key vendors in one location.

And if this were not enough, there is always the networking. A lot of business gets uncovered at this conference, and with the early signs of recovery starting to appear the timing of the event should be ideal for launching a successful 2010.

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