SPAR 2010 Early Bird Discount Ending Today

Today is the last day to register for SPAR 2010 at the current price. After today there will be a $100 increase. Also worth noting is the fact that the third person attending from the same company gets a 50% discount. Finally there is a mentoring program for interns and new hires – within 6 months, which provides these individuals with a 50% discount if they attend with a full priced associate.

As mentioned in an earlier post there will be at least 7 mobile mapping rigs on site, plus 3 days of world class content, including a keynote from the CEO at Optech on their support for a mission to Mars. With some signs that unemployment is going to reverse trend as the economy starts to add jobs, plus additional infrastructure spending in the pipeline getting positioned for a better year in 2010 would seem to be a good investment.

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