Spar 2009 Bootcamp

  1. The first event on the agenda was the Spar Boot Camp.
  2. It was standing room only for a series of industry experts.
  3. The Q & A went on for nearly an hour.

The first Spar 2009 event that I attended was the “3D Laser Scanning Boot Camp”. This was the first time this session was offered, and it was oversubscribed at 150. Billed as being for the novice/beginner the content was prepared and delivered by members of the Spar 2009 Advisory Board. A similar event was also held for the forensics and security crowd.

The room was overflowing as a series of presenters led by Tad Fry from Anheuser-Busch In Bev provided 2 hours of practical, applied knowledge and experience. The examples tended to be weighted in the plant arena, and at times it seemed that the level of sophistication was perhaps more than novice could handle. There could have been a laser scanning basics intro to help people with the terminology, but there was a handout sheet with terms and definitions.

The session was followed by a lively Q & A that lasted nearly 60 minutes and provided some of the most valuable insight. Overall I think the attendees were given a detailed look at what it would be like to be in the laser scanning business.

The first set of keynote sessions tomorrow include the former CEO of Leica Geosystems, now President of Hanesco, Hans Hess, Charles Matta, Director of Federal Buildings and Modernization at the GSA, and Daniel Livecchi, from the US Secret Service and President of the International Association of Forensic Security and Metrology, Inc. – IAFSM. Interesting to note that the latter is incorporated as a nonprofit professional association.

The second set of keynotes include John Copple, CEO of Sanborn Mapping, and Dr. Nelly Garcia, Director of the Archaeological Zone, Monte Alban. Monte Alban was the ancient capital of the  Zapotecs, and one of the first cities in MesoAmerica.  Running concurrently will be a town hall meeting of the IAFSM.

I did learn that the ASCE workshop on georeferncing with GPS has been cancelled due to a lack of people signing up.

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