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Software Can Protect Your Mobile Mapping Investment

image of Software Can Protect Investment
Software Can Protect Investment

The software in mobile mapping systems offer one very important benefit; owners can expect their tools to continue evolving long after the initial purchase.

From a NavVis blog post by Sean Higgins.

In today’s most advanced commercial and consumer technologies, software is becoming absolutely integral.

The powerful camera in your smartphone, for instance, relies on complex software to perform tasks that should be impossible for hardware alone: It takes the perfect exposure at the press of a single button, it shoots crisp, noise-free photographs in almost total darkness. Modern cars are the same story, from the Tesla sedans that use complex algorithms to drive autonomously, to the electric hybrids that use software to manage power usage.

Some have called this trend “software eating the world,” and it extends even to the world of survey and documentation tools.

Software has transformed survey work
For a long time, documentation was performed with manual tools like tape measures, theodolites, and total stations. Then came laser scanners, which use software for basic control of the device and for processing 3D point clouds.

Mobile mapping systems exploited the possibilities of software even more, using it to optimize the workflow from end to end. Here are just a few of the ways they use software and data processing to make documentation easier:

enable 3D capture while you walk;
offer live feedback in the field;
fuse data from different sensors to produce photo-realistic documentation;
process data to make the point cloud more accurate than the sensor is spec’ed for;
filter data in post-processing to return crisp, noise-free results.

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