Snowflake Photogrammetry

droppedImage_2A group of researchers in Utah, home of the finest powder snow on earth (and I speak from direct experience) has developed a system to report on the snowfall conditions during storms. The research originally supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) is now being commercialized with the intent of selling the camera – based system to the DOTs.

Using fundamental precipitation research from atmospheric scientist Timothy Garrett, who developed the original multi-angle snowflake camera with Cale Fallgatter, the technology can resolve falling particles down to the diameter of a human hair and also measure the speed at which they fall.

“The funding to Fallgatter Technologies will allow them to demonstrate an important new tool to better understand weather conditions in real-time,” says Ben Schrag, NSF Small Business Innovation Research program director. “And will hopefully help local authorities and meteorologists to make better decisions with regards to severe weather.”


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