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RE01_j_headI have always said that scanners are dumb. Well, the folks at Ocular Robotics have changed that. Their scanners can be programmed to collect data at specified resolutions and in certain regions. From their literature:

Ocular Robotics’ 3D LiDAR systems are the only sensors which adapt their scan region and scan resolution on-the-fly to meet the current needs of the application. This degree of versatility permits a robot to collect all the information it requires for obstacle avoidance, navigation, localization, dense 3D mapping, and object manipulation using a single 3D laser scanner.

The RE08 and RE05 have at their core the world’s most dynamic sensor platform, RobotEye, and it is the simultaneous speed and precision delivered by the patented RobotEye technology that enables the RE08 and RE05’s stunning level of flexibility.

The video provides examples.

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