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realIn a move aimed at stimulating the growth of new mapping applications, Real Earth has partnered with Velodyne LiDAR to lower the cost of entry for creation of high quality LiDAR-sourced maps – without reliance on GPS.

As part of the collaboration, Real Earth will offer users free access to its web-based software, which processes Velodyne LiDAR data and converts it into maps. Because costly GPS and inertial navigation systems are not required, these next-generation maps are significantly more affordable than those developed with standard mapping systems. Real Earth’s web-based service enables users to upload laser scans and receive dense 3D reconstructions in return. Standard CAD tools can then view and manipulate the registered point clouds.

“The speed and ease with which these LiDAR maps are created is nothing short of remarkable,” said Dave Duggins, Project Manager at Real Earth. “Imagine someone walking through a 12-story parking structure and five minutes later having a stunning registered 3D point cloud. That’s what we’re so excited about.”

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