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Situational Awareness Using Lidar in North Sea

Image of Situational Awareness in the North Sea

Harvest Technology Group Limited has completed a milestone situational awareness project in the North Sea, partnering with LiDAR technology experts 3D at Depth to deliver remote metrology services for a leading global subsea services company.

From an article in Digital Ship.

The entire operation was conducted successfully, with less than 1Mbs of bandwidth and utilised both 4G (broadband cellular network) and VSAT (two-way satellite) connectivity. 

Tarry Waterson, Operations & Client Lead, 3D at Depth, said: “We chose Harvest because the technology provides high-fidelity, two-way audio communications, frame-synchronised video, and optimal bandwidth efficiency. This was essential in providing our remote personnel onshore with the situational awareness and communications channels to perform remote laser scanning safely and efficiently.”

The work scope involved 3D at Depth’s LiDAR laser scanning technology being deployed by ROV and controlled from onshore using 3D at Depth’s own remote operations technologies. This allowed 3D at Depth personnel to run the project from their Aberdeen office, reducing the requirement to mobilise personnel to the vessel.

Harvest’s proprietary Nodestream technology was mobilised onboard the offshore subsea construction vessel to support 3D at Depth with their subsea metrology operations, enabling real time situational awareness, and included ROV video feeds, sonar and navigation screens.

Harvest’s video live-stream technology allowed for cost-savings and efficiency improvements, even where limited bandwidth would previously have been prohibitive. 

As a global leader in technology solutions to enable remote operations, Harvest shares a passion with 3D at Depth to improve operational efficiencies and reduce environmental impact. 

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