Shifting Gears

  1. By naming this blog LiDAR News I did not intend to focus only on the airborne platform.
  2. It is a challenge to maintain interest outside one’s area of expertise.
  3. Michael Raphael at Direct Dimensions has done a great job of applying 3D imaging to a wide range of industries.

Even though my intention in naming this blog LiDAR News was not to emphasize the aerial platform, I guess my background in surveying, mapping, GIS and remote sensing has caused me to lean in that direction. My hope from the start was to attempt to stay as broad as I could, but since most people that I talk to in the industry tend to specialize, I find it a challenge to maintain interest when I shift gears.

One company that I think is doing a great job of applying 3D imaging technology to solving a broad range of problems is Direct Dimensions. With nearly 15 years of experience they were an early pioneer in the use of scanning and other imaging technologies. Michael Raphael is a frequent speaker at a broad cross section of organizations, including Spar, CAA, SME, and AMI. The latter is the Association of Medical Illustrators.

A quick look at the Direct Dimensions website reveals the breadth of expertise and effort that they are making to diversify. From reverse engineering, to historic preservation, and from large building renovation to medical imaging this group is pushing the envelope. They also have a well-oiled marketing machine that includes a high value newsletter. It is not  easy to produce this kind of content.

The point of this is not to create a commercial, it is to encourage others to broaden their horizons and realize that scanning technology has many applications beyond the one that you might be focused on. It really should be about solving problems through the use of 3D imaging. It might be easier than you think.

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  1. Jonah says:

    Thanks for this. Your website is one of the most helpful places for LIDAR news on the web.

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