Self Driving Trucks

ottoNow this is going to get your attention – an autonomous tractor trailer, but actually the ability to mount the sensor systems above most of the traffic is a distinct advantage.

Looks like taxi giant Uber has acquired Otto, a start-up founded by ex-Google engineer Anthony Levandowski and targeted solely at self-driving trucks. The merger and acquisition activity in the autonomous vehicle space is just getting started.

The Otto website does not provide a lot of detail on the technology, but it is reported that Otto has developed their own in-house lidar technology.

As you can see in the video real world testing is taking place. The main Ohio toll road which joins Chicago with the East Coast is scheduled to test automatically controlled vehicles soon and Uber will test up to 100 autonomous cabs on the downtown streets of Pittsburgh using Volvo XC90 models, retrofitted with the requisite technology, before year end.

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