Self-driving Car Given UK Test Run at Oxford University

Professor Paul Newman at Oxford is taking a different approach with the design of this self-driving system as reported by the BBC that significantly lowers the cost.

The auto-drive system works by recognising where it is, based on a laser scanner on the front of the car, comparing its surroundings to its stored data. That’s different from Google’s system, which uses a combination of GPS, laser guidance – from a roof-mounted laser – and mapping to determine its location and route.

Thanks to Richard Rollins and Michael Raphael at Direct Dimensions for the tip.

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  1. Brent W. Gelhar says:

    Additional details on this story;

    Now consider the added value that static lidar and imagery libraries can have in enhancing the accuracy as this technology develops even further. This could point to the real consumer market for mobile 3D and imagery data and data collection services.

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