Security Robots Rely on Lidar

Knightscope is utilizing lidar to guide its autonomous security robots. Knightscope’s long-term vision is to predict and prevent crime utilizing autonomous robots, analytics and engagement.

Crime has a $1+ trillion negative economic impact on the U.S. economy every year and Knightscope is on a mission to cut that in half.

Founded in April 2013 in Silicon Valley, Knightscope is a leader in developing autonomous physical security solutions. The Knightscope “Hardware + Software + Humans” approach reduces costs for their clients, provides a 24/7 force multiplier effect as well as advanced anomaly detection capabilities.

Knightscope’s solution includes providing an autonomous physical presence, gathering data from the environment in real-time, and pushing anomalies to our user interface, the Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC).

There is not a lot of detail on the actual use of lidar on their website, but I am sure you will begin to see the use of these devices.

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