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by Arvind_Balaraman_FreeDigitalPhotos

by Arvind_Balaraman_FreeDigitalPhotos

A new, well funded project is underway to solve the mystery of the pyramids using infrared thermography, muons and laser scanning, among other methods

The large scale ScanPyramids scientific mission aims to use innovative surveying techniques to examine several famous Egyptian pyramids.

Engineers and researchers plan to use non-destructive, non-invasive technologies to examine the pyramids, including: radiographic muon detection, infrared thermography, photogrammetry, laser scanning and 3D reconstruction.

The pyramids will be analysed inside and out, to create detailed images and 3D maps of the monuments and the surrounding area.

“Many theories have been proposed, either explaining their construction or their structural anomalies, but we are physicists and engineers, not archaeologists,” stated Hany Helal, head of mission for the Faculty of Engineering of Cairo.

The most interesting technique is the use of Muon detection. Every minute, about 10,000 muons hit one square meter of the earth’s surface. These unstable particles have a mass 200 times greater than electrons and are included in the cosmic radiation reaching the earth’s surface.

These particles travel at nearly the speed of light and pass easily through materials like solid rock. Detectors placed inside the pyramid will be able to discern the accumulation of muons over time.

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