Scanning vs. Photography

indexAs I noted in a recent post Christoph Strecca, the CEO of Pix4D has been making a strong case that photography has a number of advantages when compared to the use of lidar, particularly when your platform is a small UAS. He has the facts to back it up.

In this project he teamed with a local university to scan the famous 30-metre tall statue of Christ The Redeemer, overlooking Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The team collected 3,584 photos over six consecutive days with the Aeryon Scout, a quadcopter UAS. For some reason they chose not to include any images in the article – strange.

Given the unique challenges of this project photography was the clear choice and I think we are going to see more uses of this approach to “fill in” those hard to access areas and projects. It should be just another tool in the toolbox.

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